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Managed Acess

You know what’s at risk.

When it comes to security and safety, people in business today have more than burglars on their minds. Today’s workplace is vulnerable to many kinds of threats.

  • Losses due to internal theft can range from $20 to $90 billion annually to upwards of $240 billion a year when accounting for losses due to intellectual property theft*
  • Violence in the workplace accounted for 18% of all violent crimes between 1993 and 1999**

Growing businesses and companies with less than 100 employees are the most vulnerable to these types of losses. You can’t keep everyone and everything locked up. But you can give yourself easy-to-manage, effective security with the Sonitrol Managed Access Control system.


"Sonitrol’s managed access control solution allows us to monitor who is coming in and out of our properties, and the ability to simply go online to administer permission levels means we don’t have to re-key every time someone leaves"

Intelligent security

The Sonitrol Managed Access Control system can be programmed to interact with other modules of your Sonitrol security system. Authorized individuals can use a Sonitrol Managed Access Control card to arm or disarm your building’s security system. For example,
Sonitrol’s Intrusion Detection system can be programmed to automatically shut off when a designated employee enters your facility in the morning. Sonitrol provides easy to use solutions so you can concentrate on your business.

And with any Sonitrol system, you can count on complete, consistent, quality service from Sonitrol’s trained professionals – 24 hours a day.

At your business during and after hours

Managing the security of your facility requires much more than simply limiting entry. The Sonitrol Managed Access Control system gives you much more:
  • Decreases your liability and risk
  • Controls building entry and exit
  • Reduces user/employee-caused false alarms
  • Limits access to sensitive areas
  • Provides detailed entry and exit reports
  • Controls HVAC, parking lot lights
  • Locks doors on a programmed schedule
  • Reduces the need for onsite security personnel
  • Eliminates the cost of re-keying or changing locks
  • Accommodates as many different schedules as you need
  • Allows for temporary access by visitors, consultants and others
Sonitrol. Your single source for complete security.


Is your business as safe as it should be?

It could be
The Sonitrol Managed Access Control system allows you to track and limit entry to buildings and sensitive areas of your business, providing protection for valuable information and data, and a safer work environment for employees. No more lost keys. No more expense of installing new locks or re-keying. When an employee leaves, or is reassigned, the card is easily deactivated. If needed, a new, updated card can be issued.

Integrated security from one source
The Sonitrol Managed Access Control system is seamlessly integrated with Sonitrol’s Audio detection system so you can activate your building’s security system with a programmed key card. No more complicated codes and procedures. Once activated, our audio detection system is on duty 24/7, protecting your facility from any point of entry – not just doors and windows. Sonitrol Managed Access Control and Audio Detection systems are easy to use. Just one keypad does it all.

At the cutting edge
As always, Sonitrol is at the cutting edge of security technology. We can provide the latest technology available today in access control – from the standard, hands free proximity card to smart cards to the use of biometrics such as finger, hand, or retina identification. Cards are available in a wide variety of formats, including Custom Cards, Photo ID Badges, Keyfobs, and more.

Guaranteed Solutions
Early detection, verification, comprehensive coverage, access control – Sonitrol makes it easy for you to meet all of your security and safety needs. We also back every system with a commitment to service that includes:

  • Service Guarantee
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • False Alarm Guarantee
  • Performance Warranty
Sonitrol: complete protection for your business and the people in it.

*National White Collar Crime Center, 2003, Embezzlement, Richmond, VA.
**Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2001, Violence in the
Workplace, 1993-1999, Washington, D.C.:US
Department of Justice.