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Manage your security anytime, anywhere with mySonitrol

With mySonitrol, you get:
Account Information

  • View systems & user status
  • Assign user authorization levels
  • Run reports (arm/disarm information and call list)
  • Edit contact information
  • View Central Station contact information

Alarm Dispatch
  • View burglary or fire alarm dispatches

Benefits of mySonitrol
  • No dedicated equipment required
  • Access information from multiple systems
  • Quickly add/delete users and customer contact information
  • Review system information as often as
  • Easy to manage report formats
  • View contact information for immediate
    system changes


We support local Crime Stoppers
As part of our commitment to the communities where we do business, Sonitrol makes a contribution to the local Crime Stoppers program for every incident that leads to an arrest.

Sonitrol offers complete security management with mySonitrol

See For Yourself

  • Log-in to from any secure web-browser and gain access to your security dashboard
  • Schedule automatic reports or easily run them when you need them
  • Manage the access permission levels of every employee
  • View live or archived video
  • And much more
monitoring station

mySonitrol is a web-based security management tool that is innovative, reliable and easy to manage. With a few clicks of a mouse, you will be able to find all of the information you need in one place, from virtually anywhere, anytime you need it, via a secure web browser.

mySonitrol offers unprecedented flexibility and control

With mySonitrol, you can view and manage all of your locations from a single log-in via the web.

Add/delete users, call list updates, customized reports


See — and hear — the Sonitrol difference for yourself

Sonitrol Audio Clips – Listen to actual alarm events that lead to apprehensions. Thanks to Sonitrol verified audio detection technology, these suspects were nabbed!

"You all are never wrong" (MP3, 651 Kb)
In this clip, the police dispatch cannot figure out how our Operator is able to hear what is happening inside the building. But then she quickly realizes who she's speaking to and says, "Oh is this Sonitrol? I should have known. You all are never wrong!"

Construction Trailer Break-in (MP3, 1 Mb)
Construction sites are often a target for thieves because they contain items of high resale value. But this construction trailer in Vancouver was protected by Sonitrol, so the only things these crooks will be selling are license plates. Listen to the police on-scene, and read the customer's thank you letter to Sonitrol for a job well done.

Auto garage break in (MP3, 584 Kb)
Listen as the intruders warn each other about the security system as they break into the shop. One individual says, "Stay away from the doors, they're alarmed!" Apparently, they had never heard of Sonitrol. As the intruders make their way into the shop, the police officers arrive on the scene to apprehend them.

Manufacturing facility break-in (MP3, 383 Kb)
A self-appointed "entrepreneur" decides to open up a business... someone else’s, by removing the pins from the hinges of a door to a secured facility. You can hear the clattering of tools and metal as the perpetrator tries to gain access. Listen to the frustration in the intruder's voice when the police arrive on the scene to apprehend him.

Sporting goods store break-in (MP3, 1.9 Mb)
This is a clip of two intruders breaking into a sporting goods store. Listen as one excitedly says, "My size, 32" as he tells the other that he found the clothes he was looking for.

Public School break-in (MP3, 1.0 Mb)
This verified alarm is coming from an elementary school. Listen to the actual recording of the police K-9 unit arriving on the scene to apprehend the intruders who refused to cooperate. WARNING: Graphic sounds of a dog attack can be heard.

Sonitrol In the News – Good news travels fast! See Sonitrol featured on local television broadcasts.

Sonitrol Nabs Number 157,000 – Albuquerque, NM
Watch FOX affiliate KRQE News 13 in Albuquerque, New Mexico cover the arrest of 4 suspects attempting to rob a car stereo store. This apprehension was Sonitrol's 157,000 apprehension.

"The Man They're Looking for is Dwayne" – Richmond, VA
Watch NBC affiliate WWBT Channel 12 in Richmond, VA cover an arrest in a local area shoe store. There were 2 suspects but one got away; however due to our audio monitoring we know that his name is Dwayne and that he is wearing Air Force One shoes!

Pawn Shop Audio/Video Leads to 4 Arrests – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Watch FOX affiliate WSVN Channel 7 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL cover an arrest in a pawn shop. They use both the audio and the video to help make this apprehension.