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Verified Electronic Security
Protecting Businesses For Over 50 Years!
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Verified Electronic Security
Protecting Businesses For Over 50 Years!
Free Keypad with Purchase of Security System
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Verified Electronic Security
Protecting Businesses For Over 50 Years!
Free Keypad with Purchase of Security System
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Keeping Your Business Secure with Sonitrol

Today, more than ever, businesses face an increasing number of difficult security challenges. As a business owner, security manager, or loss prevention specialist, you are probably aware of the disturbing trends.
Alarm verification is the hallmark of Sonitrol’s security solutions and has been since Sonitrol’s inception in 1964. Sonitrol was founded by a police officer tired of traditional alarms with their high rate of false alarms and minuscule rate of assisted apprehensions. Today, Sonitrol offers a full line of intelligent security solutions that allow our operators to verify what is happening at your business. Learn more by giving us a call today at 765-649-4236.
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What Sonitrol Can Do For You

Multi Sensor Camera
Verified Audio Detection
  • Audio sensors are strategically located to detect the sound of a break-in prior to entry
  • Activation of a hold-up button transmits live audio to Sonitrol’s Central Station
  • Providing real-time information to responding authorities
  • Assisted the police in apprehending criminals, over 164,000 and climbing
  • Significantly reduces false alarms
Keys hanging on a hook
Managed Access Control
  • Protect your assets by limiting unauthorized access to sensitive areas
  • Provides a detailed audit trail of facility entries and exits by cardholder name, date, time, door, etc.
  • Reduces the need for on-site security personnel
  • Eliminates the expense of re-keying or changing locks
  • Add/delete users, and change permission levels with
Video Surveillance on iPad
Video Surveillance
  • Allows Sonitrol operators to see and verify that an actual threat exists before the dispatch of the police
  • Sonitrol can provide a video surveillance system without a physical video recorder on site. The video from state-of-the-art IP video cameras will be housed on secure cloud servers which can be accessed at any time from a web browser, tablet, computer, or smartphone
A Smoke Detector
Fire Detection
  • Monitor smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler monitoring devices, and pull stations from Sonitrol’s monitoring station
  • Ensures that firefighters will be dispatched promptly when an alarm signal is received
  • Reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries, property damage, and expensive business interruption

What Happens When a Sonitrol Audio-Based Alarm is Triggered?

This will set off a silent alarm that enables trained operators to actually listen to verify the nature of the event. They can hear and verify whether a break-in is in progress, or if it is simply a false alarm. This is important for two reasons. First, it leads to a reduction in false alarms. Second, it leads to more apprehensions because the police will respond faster to a verified burglary in progress.
When Sonitrol dispatches the police to an alarm, they have confidence that a break-in is happening; that is why most police departments give Sonitrol alarms a higher priority over other alarms. With our state-of-the-art technology and trained Central Station operators can hear, interpret, locate, and report the sounds being made inside a building as they occur. No other system can give police such accurate, real-time information.
Diagram of Video Surveillance Features

Get our App!

Sonitrol App on iphone

Manage Your System from Anywhere

With the SONITROL Mobile App, users have the capability to remotely search for their facilities via map or text, manage system arming status, view and filter historical events, manage system users, view live video, and receive push notifications about the status of your system. If you use SONITROL’s TotalGuard™, you can use the app as a keypad and bypass arming violations.

The SONITROL Mobile App is an effective,
efficient and accessible tool that allows you to
control your SONITROL security system(s) from a mobile device. Easily check or change the arming
status of all your doors at your facilities, view alarm events, grant or remove access to a new user, view video feed or playback video, geofenced virtual panic button and global lockdown, all from your SONITROL Mobile App.