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Sonitrol’s alarm systems are already Verified through electronic surveillance. Here are some things to know about our system:

  • Our proprietary, impact activated audio intrusion technology lets us verify the alarm.
  • Our dispatches are marked “verified” and we provide critical information to the police.
  • Average police response time to Sonitrol’s alarms is 7 minutes vs. an average of 45 minutes for non-verified alarms.
  • We have assisted law enforcement in apprehending over 164,000 criminals since 1977.
  • We have saved our customers millions of dollars in false alarm fees.
  • With conventional systems, the cost of security guard verification services is passed on to you. With Sonitrol the verification is built in so the extra costs are eliminated.
Conventional systems have a false alarm rate of up to 98% Sonitrol has a low false alarm rate
Cannot tell the difference between real trouble and false alarms Trained operators listen to live audio, recognize non-threatening noises and reset the system
Covers only part of a facility, from limited points of entry Complete coverage from any point of entry
Activated after break-in, when intruder is already inside Detection while intruder is still attempting to gain entry
Most monitoring personnel call the facility first to verify break in, then call the owner to see if they should send police Sonitrol operators confirm with live audio immediately, call police, and stay in contact to provide real-time intelligence to assist with apprehension
Most use audible alarms which alert intruders, and makes it easy for criminals to test the system Silent alarm leads to Sonitrol's high apprehension rate

Verified Response - Can Your Current Security System Handle It?

There is a new wave in law enforcement sweeping across the country called Verified Response (VR) and many cities have already enacted a policy. Here are some things that you have to consider:

  • Will the police come?
  • How long will it take?
  • Will your company send you into a potentially dangerous situation?
  • Is your company ready?
Multi-Sensor Surveillance Camera

The MultiSensor: More Than Just a Camera

The MultiSensor is Sonitrol’s all-in-one solution! It works as a camera, motion detector, and glass break detector for your convenience. This product can work as a stand-alone or integrated security surveillance device. It also features WiFi connectivity.

What is Verified Response?

Alarm owners and/or private security companies bear the responsibility of verifying that the alarm is not false and that an intrusion is actually taking place before the police will be dispatched. Verification is accomplished through highly trained central station operators.

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